Thursday, 30 May 2013

Dr Martens

excuse the messy room!

So although it is meant to be summer, the weather hasn't got the memo yet and still gives us showers and winds to its hearts content, though sometimes the sun manages to break through. Enter my Dr Martens, I love theses boots with a pair of Levi shorts as much as I do with some jeans so I am still getting a lot of use out of them. Dr Martens are available from their website, though you can find them in many other places too. Here is some pictures I found to get you inspired!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Clarins beauty bag

Not long ago I was lucky enough to win a competition Clarins were holding on their facebook page. My prize was a lovely selection of products packaged in a beautiful gold bag which I will definitely get a lot of use from.

In the bag I received a sample of primer, hand and nail treatment cream, Instant light natural lip perfector, gentle foaming cleanser for dry or sensitive skin and relax bath and shower concentrate. I am definitely a bath over shower kinda gal and have been loving using the concentrate to add some luxury to my evening soak, the essential oils really help soften my skin. The hand and nail treatment cream I have been slathering on daily in a bid to help strengthen my poor flaky talons, although it has not been long enough to comment on any improvement to my nails it does leave my hands feeling very soft and nourished. I have not used the primer much, but first impressions are really great, however it does remind me of benefits' porefessional, which is cheaper and contains more product. The face wash is a perfect match for my dry sensitive skin and lovely for when I want something gentle but still effective. The lip product is one I was most intrigued to try as I had seen it pop up on a lot of blogs lately, and I have to admit I was a little underwhelmed, it was nice, but I still found it a bit sticky and just like a clear gloss on the lips. However, it did moisturise my lips and the sticky-ness  disappeared fairly quickly, so I would love to try this in a darker shade to see if it makes more of an impression.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

MUA's bargain lipsticks review

Have you ever wanted to try a certain lipstick shade, but the fear that it won't suit you and will be money wasted has put you off? Well, never fear, MUA is here with it's selection of £1 lippies

When I first saw them I knew they would be the perfect way to experiment without breaking the bank. I wasn't expecting good quality and I didn't need it, I just purely wanted to see if those light peachy shades so many people love would work for me. So I picked up 3 shades (MUA have finally started naming their shades, which I love!) The lightest being Nectar, a pale peachy pink colour, Juicy a darker, orangey coral and then finally shade 1 which is a dark red and the least experimental, I just decided I fancied it.

So, like I have said I really wasn't expecting much, but these are amazing quality for their £1 price tag! they are creamy, pigmented and have a nice sweet scent. The lasting power isn't brilliant (though the dark red does leave a nice stain on the lips) but for a measly quid I don't mind a few extra top ups. Oh, and did these lighter peachy colours suit me? well the lightest shade I am still not sure about, the middle colour I loved and I knew already I would like the dark red!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

the perfect red nail

So in this months birchbox I received a dinky little opi mini. It is the perfect red with a very old school glamour feel about it. The formulation is lovely to apply and 2 coats gives all the coverage you need. Unfortunately opi don't put the name on their mini's, so if you know what shade it is then please give me a shout!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Camouflage and leather

If you follow me on twitter (@emmiegeeblog) you will see that I bought myself an early end-of-the-uni-year treat in the form of this camo and leather jacket from Warehouse. It was reduced already to £35 and then with a student discount I got it for £31.50. I have wanted a jacket like this for ages and my love kept growing every time my house mate wore her similar one from Primark. It fits me perfectly, and I can see it being the perfect relaxed summer evening with friends jacket!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

MAC lovelorn review

It was love(lorn) at first purchase. My first ever mac purchase is this lipstick in the shade lovelorn purchased from a blogsale (the same one where I got my Bobbi Brown corrector). The packaging is gorgeous and seems so sophisticated. The application is lovely and creamy, lasting around 2 hours before fading off evenly. I have completely fallen in love with mac lipsticks after this and really want to give another a go, but there are so many shades! any colours a pale-faced, reddish-haired and pigmented lipped gal should look at?

I also posted a picture on my instagram!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Bobbi brown corrector review

So I have always had an issue with under my eyes, no matter how much sleep I get, dark bruise-like under eyes are a permanent fixture on my face. being a bit of a make-up noob I used to just pack on concealer to try and cover it up, resulting in a cakey-creasey mess. 

I had heard about the Bobbie brown corrector on a few blogs and it certainly piqued my interest, a product whose sole purpose is too rid those pesky bags? yes please! of course as soon as I saw the price (£18 from the BB website here) I did a little sob and turned away, I just couldn't justify it on a student budget. However, I then saw it on a blog sale for £7! I haven't had it for long so I can only really say my initial thoughts; firstly, what is it? well it is a pinkish toned product designed to wear under concealer to neutralise those dark circles. When it arrived I was astonished at how small it was! However when I came to use it I saw just how thick it was, it's not going to go anywhere fast. because it is so thick I prefer patting this into my under eye area using a finger, when I try and smooth it on I feel like I am dragging my eye an awful lot. It does do a very good job at neutralising my dark circles as I will show you (prepare yourself for this)...

As you can see I have a severe lack of make up on but let's just ignore that and focus on the corrector. This is just the corrector applied with no concealer and you can see the wonderful difference it has made, really brightens and lifts my eye area. If you are having trouble with dark under eyes then I would definitely give this a go. If you cringe a bit at the price like I did then I have heard that this palette by w7 is meant to be a good alternative, but having never used it I can't vouch for that.