Wednesday, 11 March 2015

MUA haul, make up look and first impressions review!

If you haven't already heard of MUA, they are an incredibly cheap brand that are available solely in Superdrug stores or off their website. I never really paid them too much attention as there was never anything that particularly caught my eye. However, what did catch my eye was MAC blue green pigment, which a lot of people compared to MUA's shade 12 pearl eye shadow, saying they were very similar. I headed over to the online store to pick up the aforementioned eye shadow, and as there was a sale on (50p for the eye shadow, I kid you not!) I decided to pick up some more bits too.

So let's start with the eye shadow (50p in the sale); this is a shade that I found so interesting, when first packed onto the lid it had a very true-to-palette blue brown shimmer, when blended out however it went a very warm, and almost matte, red-brown shade! Initially I wasn't keen, but once I had gotten used to it I actually love that a seemingly complex eye look with different textures and colours can be made with one eye shadow, the mind boggles! Using a black eyeliner also made the eye shadow more of a true blue shimmer. I seriously couldn't recommend this product enough when you consider the price. It lasts fairly well throughout an 8-hour day, there is a bit of creasing but I didn't use a primer, so I am sure that would be easily fixed. I think this will definitely become a go to staple if I am in a hurry.

Next we have the Shimmer Kiss Blusher (£1 in the sale) ; This is a lot less pigmented on the cheeks than it looks in the pan, never-the-less I think it gives a gorgeous and subtle flushed glow, perfect for daytime or light make up looks.

Lastly from the actual make up items we have a lip liner in the shade Caramel Nougat (£1); I was surprised at how much I liked this, it definitely defies the £1 price tag!the formula is smooth and the colour is a lovely brown nude, very in vogue right now! like all lip-liners it was a tad drying but that meant that the lasting power was pretty good. I love topping with sheerer lipsticks or glosses.

Then we have the 2 brushes, I got the small  fan brush and the blending and shadow brush which both come in at less than 2£, bloomin' marvelous!! The fan brush is a bit unloved at the moment, I am unsure of exactly what to do with it, I will keep trying it in different ways and hopefully I will find something I like, but I am not that fussed as it was so darn cheap. The eye brush though, goodness me I love it! It is so soft and blends everything so easy that it is definitely my go to brush, for any look. I am definitely going to get some more brushes from MUA, it feels so much more expensive than what it was!

I hope you like the look I made, have you tried anything from MUA? I definitely want to try more so leave your suggestions!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Slimfast 321 plan 3 week review: The results!

I have finished my 3 week review of the Slimfast 321 plan, wooo! For those who want to get down to the nitty gritty; I lost 7 lbs! I am amazed, especially considering I did not follow the plan at weekends, and didn't spend all my free time at the gym! For a more detailed overview of my time of the 321 plan then please read on:

Is it easy?

I actually find the plan really easy to stick to and convenient  during the week, I love that there is no preparation and I can just grab a shake or a bar, and some snacks before I run out the door for work. Then in the evenings when I actually have time to enjoy preparing my meal, I take a lot more care over it, ensuring I am sticking to the 600 calorie limit and filling it with good foods.

With the 3 snack allowance I don't often find myself getting hungry, though I have been eating my dinners a lot sooner than I used to. I started off by drinking a milkshake for lunch, it was really easy to make in my flask, or grab a bottle, and take it to work with me. However, I found that it wasn't filling enough for the middle of the day, I have now swapped it with my morning meal bar and it is exactly right, so you may need to find the perfect balance for you.

Where I have been struggling with sticking to the plan is at weekends. My first weekend on the plan I went away for my friends birthday.  There wasn't enough order to the days for me to be able to do the plan, so instead I ate normal food but was mindful of staying the set calorie limit(not sure how well I did though). The next weekend I was surprised with a visit from my boyfriend, although I tried a lot harder to stick to the plan I did struggle. After the weekends I found it very easy to just slip back into the diet, and despite my slight over indulgence I have still lost 7lbs in the three weeks. 

What is the food like?

For my breakfast I will make myself a shake, these come in a range of flavours (I haven't tried the caramel yet, I want to!) yet I usually gravitate towards the vanilla, chocolate or a mixture of both. They are easiest to make in a shake-able container, as it can take quite a bit of stirring to get rid of all the lumps. They taste just as you would expect a milkshake to taste and there is a decent amount in each tin. The shakes also come on a convenient bottled form, of which you can choose extra flavours, Mocha and Cafe Latte. As I mentioned before these shakes don't fill me up an awful lot, so I prefer to have these for breakfast when I don't have a huge appetite anyway. 

Lunch is in the form of a meal bar and when eaten with one of my snacks (you can have 3 a day) it fills me up nicely. There are a nice range of snacks, the standouts for me are definitely the heavenly chocolate delight bar and the bbq tortillas! A snack on the plan can be anything under 100 calories, I love eating frozen grapes and cup-a-soups as well. 

What exercise did you do?

My daily commute to and from work works out at about an hours walking, so before even trying I have 1 hour of gentle exercise in my day. In the evenings I would sometimes go for another walk, this could be anything from 15-40 minutes. Occasionally I would do some youtube workouts in my living room or body strength exercises such as squats and sit-ups whilst I was catching up on t.v or videos! I am definitely not the most active person and this is something I am trying to change - moving away from home with my near by gym jam-packed with fun classes has been quite hard! However, I have never had an hour long walking commute so that must be making quite a difference!

Then I guess the biggest question of all; Are you going to stick to it?

YES! - This plans seems to be absolutely perfect for me, there have been many other diet plans and detoxes that I have failed miserably at. Just remember that what works for me, may not work for you and vice versa. I would definitely recommend trying the slimfast 321 plan out though, especially as it is currently a third off in boots!

I realise this post may not cover everything you wanted to know about the plan, I didn't want to ramble on too much. If you have any more questions then feel free to tweet me @emmiegeeblog and I will answer anything you would like to know :)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Slimfast 321 Plan review: What is it & preparing for the start!

My weight has been steadily creeping up since I left university, add a new sedentary desk job and the festive period into the mix, and it has practically snowballed. I worked really hard to get my weight down at the end of university and, although it is entirely my fault, I do feel cheated that it has crept up so quickly.Whilst overall I am not extremely unhappy with my body (there have been a few tears when clothes no longer fit) I know I felt happier and healthier when had lost some weight. 

Slimfast has been something that I have always seen, but never quite focused on, it instead hovered in my periphery vision as I browsed the make up aisles of Boots. However, when I received an email inviting me to take the 321 3 week challenge I felt like it was exactly what I needed, and I decided to use it as a way to kick my bad eating habits and start afresh!

So what is the Slimfast 321 plan? The plan consists of swapping to of your meals a day with a replacement shake or meal bar, these allow you to have all the nutrients you need whilst lowering your calories - the aim is to have a total calorific intake of 1,200-1,400 per day. To help fulfill this aim you can also have 3 snacks a day, and one calorie controlled meal - 600 for women, 800 for men (You can see all the products here). During this plan you must keep up your water intake and try and do some exercise, things we should be doing anyway! The plan is recommended for those who have  a BMI or 25 or above, which you can work out using a BMI Calculator. However, as Slimfast say on their website, your ideal weight is one where your 'physical and mental health is best promoted' and is not easily defined by a BMI number. So please don't let the little number rule your entire life, or get you too upset.

Lastly, how am I feeling about the imminent plan? Well, although I am pretty apprehensive about not  having 3 regular meals a day, I am  actually quite excited. I have tried WeightWatchers before and it was an utter failure, I am just far too lazy to weigh things out etc, so this plan seems perfect for me. Of course I am not looking forward to the feeling of hunger, but 3 snacks with what is essentially 3 meals sounds like it should be enough to stop the dreaded grumble, we shall see! In terms of preperation I have actually just not been denying myself anything, then if anyone gives me a look I simply retort with 'I am having milkshakes as my meals next week ok...milkshakes.'(Can you tell that I love my food!)

My plan is to do regular posts like these, maybe one a week showing what meals I have had, how I am finding the plan, if I stuck to it etc what do you think?

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Safa facial skin care - review & giveaway!

Safa is a brand that has a very strong focus on nature and what it can provide. Recently I have become a lot more aware of what I am actually putting on my skin, and try to be as gentle and natural as possible, so I was very intrigued when Safa contacted me.

Safa have just 2 tag lines attached to their products; Organic and Halal. If you, like me, are a tad confused ( call me ignorant, but I had only ever heard of Halal being used in reference to meat products) it just means that there are no alcohol or animal-derived ingredients in the products, so they are certified Halal by the Muslim Food Board. I think this is great as there are a lot of products that contain alcohol or animal products which can make them unsuitable for use by many people, including Vegans, Muslims and those with sensitive skin.

The packaging of the product is nice and simple, and really reflects the natural ethos of the brand. The milk itself is very lightweight and has a gorgeous herbal-lavender scent thanks to the many oils, including lavender(duh!), that it contains ( it actually smells very similar to my Caudalie purifying mask!).

There are 3 main oils which are present in the cleansing milk; Rosehip, Sweet Almond and Calendula. Safa claim that this mix;
'allows for immediate and visible skin regeneration with a mild anti-wrinkle effect...your skin will feel more fresh and restored...recommended for those with acne because it is lightweight and will not block your pores'

Safa recommend using the milk twice if you are wearing a lot of make up, and this I totally agree with. This product worked best for me when used either on a light layer of make up (it didn't remove waterproof or heavy eye make up!) or my personal preference, a make up-free face.

The lightweight formula didn't clog my pores and left my skin feeling clean and fresh but not stripped. The scent worked really well to either wind me down before bed, or give me a moments peace before a hectic day! My skin has been very temperamental lately, with hormonal breakouts and redness galore. I found this cleansing milk to be deliciously cooling and soothing, and I love that there are no harsh chemicals to further irritate my skin. I cannot comment on the anti-wrinkle effect as I don't really have any, but my skin is cleansed, calmer and very soft after use.
If this sounds like your kind of product, then you are in luck as I have one to give away! Just fill out the rafflecopter form below:


p.s This is for U.K followers only I am afraid! But Safa will soon be for sale in Holland and Barret online where it will be delivered worldwide!