Sunday, 9 November 2014

Your Dreamcatcher Clothing

A while ago I was given the chance to choose an item from Your Dreamcatcher clothing to try out. Seeing that winter was closing in, and nights getting progressively chillier, I was drawn to the warmest looking item in the site - the tracksuits.

The item arrived very quickly and nicely packaged bearing the Your Dreamcatcher logo. The actual quality of the garment itself is very good, the lining is that glorious fluffy-felty-cosy material that is so soft against your skin. The logo is placed on the top of the leg, which adds a nice bit of interest without being too distracting.  The length and fit of the legs is perfect for me, not too tight, just relaxed and roomy. However, I do have a bit of a niggle with the waist. In most shops I am inbetween sizes, so I sized up just to be sure. Lets be honest, you kind of can with loungewear as the whole idea of it is to be comfy and non-restricting. As I have said before, the legs were perfect for me. The waist, a little too large, so firstly, size down if you are a fellow inbetweener. Secondly, take note that these tracksuits do not have an elasticated waist like most usually do. They instead just have a drawstring to tie and tighten the garment to your desired fit. This isn't really the most practical if you are quite an active person at home. Lots of moving around means knots will loosen, trousers will slip down and knickers will be on show. However, if you are quite a sedentary person, which I most definitely am when I am lounging around my home, then you shouldn't really encounter any problems, so it doesn't bother me that much.

I think these will make a great early present for yourself this Christmas, as they will most definitely keep you warm and snug throughout the cold months (and with the English summer you will probably be wearing them all year round!)

grey, cosy, warm
 Unfortunately I am still having camera issues, so the photo is from the Your Dreamcatcher website, will replace as soon as I can!