Sunday, 19 October 2014

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 review.

Hello, I am back! Between going to Greece on holiday and starting a new job I haven't had time for much else, but I'm getting there. 

Today I am going to show you the latest offering from the infamous Urban Decay Naked range; Naked Basics 2. I bought this on a brilliant shopping website; Cohorted. This site offers discounts on a whole host of brilliant products, and the more people shop, the more the price drops! (nice little rhyme there). So I received my palette for around £15. 

The palette is made up of 6 cool toned eye shadows, all matte aside from 'skimp' which has a slightly more satin finish, making it perfect for highlighting (Can I just quickly mention, the lady at the UD counter suggested that warmer colours would suit my colouring more, but I actually think these look great, so don't let the 'rules' of make up put you off!). The shade range is great, as it has light, medium and dark colours, all you need to make any look.

 I actually love this palette for popping into my 'commute make up bag' (yes, I am the person who does their make up on the train) as the colours lend themselves perfectly for an everyday look and the case is nice and compact, but still has a decent mirror in the lid. My usual look for work would be to sweep Skimp on the inner half of my eye and under my brown bone with Stark blended into the outer half. Then I add a bit of definition along my lashline and crease using either Frisk, Cover or Primal (depending on my mood) and I am done! If I want to smoke up my look after work I can easily do that using Undone. These shadows blend so smoothly and easily, and all though there is a bit of product displaced when you put your brush to the powder, there is no fall out on the eye.

I also love using these shades to fill in my brows, and reckon you could get a contour our of it too if you're in a pinch, so it's a multi tasking marvel!

 Have you tried this palette yet, what do you think?

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