Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mini review: The Tangle Teaser

This is a tangle teaser I got sent through a WIMH try. I was very excited when it arrived through my door as there is soooo much hype around this product. I tried it on dry hair and wasn't too impressed, it took ages to get through my (albeit, thick) hair, and made it puff up like I had put my finger in a plug socket. The real magic happens when my hair is wet! my wet hair gets very knotty and also breaks easily, a night mare to try and get a brush through, I had become accustomed to a full brush of hair after my post wash brush. However, not with this! It takes a bit longer to get through my hair than a regular brush, but the breakage is considerably less. It is good for travelling and was a life saver at a recent festival, I do think that a handle or an easier to hold shape may be better but other than that (and the slightly too high price tag) I can't fault it. If you ever find this on offer, and suffer from hair-that-always-breaks-when-wet then I would definitely pick it up!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A day out with mummy

A while ago, I donned on some of my new clothes for, yes you guessed it, a day out with mummy (though my step dad did come along later). We saw Les Miserables at the cinema (UH-mazing) then had a lovely dinner at Bella Italia.

Jumper: River island Dress (worn as skirt/collar): Dahlia Boots: Barrats bag: charity shop

(sorry for the quality, taken on my phone as camera was broken!) Firstly, excuse the face, mum was making me laugh so it turned out quite unattractive looking. Secondly, I love all my clothes in this picture. I'll start with the jumper, This was a present from my mum and I think it was some limited edition range in River island, because I cannot find it anywhere now. Anyway it is super snuggly, I find the print adorable and I just love the colours. I think the girlie-ness of it clashes perfectly with my Dahlia dress, This was a bargain at £20 in the sale and sold out ridiculously fast. It is a leather-look material with laser cut detailing on the hem and a gold sparkly collar. I could definitely see myself rocking it on a night out but after trying this outfit I also want to find many more jumpers to pair it with during the day, I just love how the collar peaks out, would instantly change any plain jumper into something more glamorous. My boots are heeled chelsea boots from Barrats and they are my 'everyday heel' shoes as although they  rubbed a bit at the beginning they are now so comfy. If I want to just smarted up a casual outfit, these will be my shoes of choice, 'spesh in winter as my footsies are nice and covered. My bag is just an old charity shop find, nothing special there, but the colour goes perfectly with the details on the jumper!

p.s this post was taken from my old blog so that is why it may seem a little odd that I am seeing les mis etc!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Summer lovin' Ralph Lauren

This outfit is what I wore for a lovely sunny day, as I am losing weight I am becoming a lot more comfortable at showing some skin (hello cheeky midriff strip) which is a godsend in the hot weather! The shorts are customised mens Ralph Lauren jeans from ebay, the top and belt are from New Look. As you can just about make out I have also gone over the purple in my hair, this time using a semi permanent dye from directions. I kept my make up pretty simple with some clinique eye shadow, TheBalm blush,a smudged Laqa & co lip pencil ( both from birchboxes!) with some cargo lipgloss on top, I also tried out max factor's false lash effect on my lashes (not blown away).

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Fat free scrummy yoghurt pancakes

So lately I have gotten back on the healthy eating bandwagon, though my downfall is my huge sweet tooth! The other day my house mate mentioned a fat free pancake recipe with just 3 ingredients; fat free yoghurt, porridge oats and eggs! I was sceptical but I'll give anything a try once. The best thing about this recipe is that it is completely fat free and you can change it to suit your tastes, we used Muller fat free vanilla and cherry yoghurt which had a lovely fruity taste, but you can do chocolate or whatever tickles your fancy, then top with whatever you want! Despite my reservations it tasted divine, and I had no need to feel guilty, this is definitely going to be a breakfast/pudding/whenever-i-feel-like-it favourite.

You will need:

1 pot of Muller fat free yoghurt (or one the same size)
55g porridge oats
2 eggs
toppings: whatever you want!

what to do:

The night before mix yoghurt and oats, then pop in the fridge. The next day just add your eggs! The consistency is more like that of thick american pancakes, its easiest to have a few small ones rather than one big one. Just fry for a few mins on either side like you would normal pancake, viola! A fat-free yet scrumptious start to the day.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

NSPA goodies

Back in June I reviewed nspa's answer to a hot cloth cleanser here, since then I had the opportunity to try a couple more of their products which were sent to me as a thank you for filling out their questionnaire. The products I received were their Melting cleansing gel and Jojoba and white jasmine body lotion

First, the cleanser, as you can see from the 1 on the tube, this is to be your first step in your skin care routine. I use this in place of my Bioderma when I am feeling less lazy. I massage this luxurious feeling gel over my face before splashing with water which turns it into a creamy milk, wash it off and, viola! no more make up, I then follow with the rest of my routine. I definitely feel like  I get a better clean from this product than my Bioderma, which then makes the rest of my routine seem more effective (though if it is a late night and I'm feeling lazy Bioderma wins). 

Next we have the Jojoba and white jasmine body lotion. This is a gorgeous lotion that sinks into the skin quickly, leaving you moisturised, not greasy. It has a nice subtle scent (I'm going to assume of white jasmine and jojoba, I am diabolical with smells) which lingers but not enough to overpower and perfumes you choose to place on top. However, if you really like the scent you can get steps 1 and 2 in the routine which contain the same scent, layering will make the scent stronger and more long lasting. 

Have you ever tried and goodies from npsa?

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

pencil skirt, peplum + purple hair.

Whilst I was browsing Next's outlet store I spotted this gorgeous skirt for a mere £4! I was hesitant to buy it though, as there were no changing rooms and it was a size 10 (which I most definitely am not). However when I got it home I realised it was a pretty stretchy material so fitted perfectly! (with a little bit of room, wooo). For a night out I paired it with my DP peplum top and black snakeskin heels. I really liked the whole outfit together and felt super confident which is always nice. 

soz for the instagram picture

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Purple hair + a grungey/punk style

This months Elle was full of punk/grunge looks that had come straight from the catwalk, this inspired me (along with my new purple hair) to do quite a grungy outfit and make up look today. Firstly, the outfit; 

This slouchy oxblood top I bought from Next, the stud detailing along the shoulders gives it a perfect grungey vibe and it is very lightweight and comfortable. I thought I would step away from the predictable Dr. Martens and go with my (very scuffed) chelsea boots from Barratts. This little beaut of a bag I was lucky enough to win from Pauls Boutique when they had a twitter competition. The classic matte black design means it is timeless and will go with everything. The removable bag charm of brightly coloured punky accessories  make it work with this theme and will add a splash of colour to any outfit.

To create a 'lived in' punky make up look I drew a large eye liner flick and paired it with a smudged matte berry-pink lip stain. I gave my eye brows a little bit of definition but didn't want anything to look to perfect or neat, I also skipped out on mascara! P.S My hair is died with Live XXL, the wash-in wash-out purple!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Mini maybelline haul and Review

So yesterday I popped into boots and saw there was a 3 for 2 offer on maybelline products, this seemed like the perfect excuse to pick up some things. I thought I would quickly show you what I bought and what I thought, you can also see them all on my face in a make up look.

Top to bottom: Lipstick, eye shadow stick, colour tattoo.

24 hour Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate : 

I have wanted to pick up a colour tattoo for ages after seeing them pop up with rave reviews on so many blogs. I was initially drawn to on and on bronze, but thought this russet cranberry shade with gold shimmer would really compliment my green eyes (I think it would look smashing on blue too!). I really love the formulation of this, it is really easy to apply and build and then lasts so well. It was really hard to truly capture the colour on photos, but I hope you get the idea.

Colossal smoky pen in smoky chocolate :

This shadow pencil comes with a built in a smudger and is a lovely consistency for blending and smoking out any eye look. I paired it with the colour tattoo to stop it looking to 'pink eye' and really like the effect. This pencil isn't too soft so you wont completely loose your line when you smudge, I'm pretty impressed. 

Lipstick in Pinky Beige :

So weirdly I can't seem to find this lipstick anywhere online? I think maybe the packaging has been changed because what I can find is in a different bullet. This is a very nice, moisturising and glossy nude lipstick. I picked it up purely to have something to pair with strong eye make up and I think it fits the bill perfectly, not too in your face.

And here is the make up look I created with these 3 products. I kept it quite natural as it was during the day, but it is so easy to smoke the eyes out more for a night time look.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

My Dream Home ft

 Not too long ago I was contacted by about a very cool blogging competition, which was basically to create a moodboard of things you would have in your dream home! I chose to focus on 1 room in my dream house,  one of my favourite pasts times is sleeping so it was only natural that I chose the bedroom;

I love reading, so the first thing that caught my eye was this statement vintage style bookcase. I love nothing better than curling up in bed with a good book so this would be perfect for me. Obviously my addiction obsession penchant for make up meant that I had to include this matching dressing table. I also chose a simple bed in a similar dark wood. I have included the lights as I think they would look lovely wrapped around the bed head or the vanity table, for a very fairytale feel. I saw these gorgeous oriental  cushions  and thought they would add the perfect splash of colour and really bring the room alive.

I must also just mention this chair; Isn't it the best??