Thursday, 8 August 2013

NSPA goodies

Back in June I reviewed nspa's answer to a hot cloth cleanser here, since then I had the opportunity to try a couple more of their products which were sent to me as a thank you for filling out their questionnaire. The products I received were their Melting cleansing gel and Jojoba and white jasmine body lotion

First, the cleanser, as you can see from the 1 on the tube, this is to be your first step in your skin care routine. I use this in place of my Bioderma when I am feeling less lazy. I massage this luxurious feeling gel over my face before splashing with water which turns it into a creamy milk, wash it off and, viola! no more make up, I then follow with the rest of my routine. I definitely feel like  I get a better clean from this product than my Bioderma, which then makes the rest of my routine seem more effective (though if it is a late night and I'm feeling lazy Bioderma wins). 

Next we have the Jojoba and white jasmine body lotion. This is a gorgeous lotion that sinks into the skin quickly, leaving you moisturised, not greasy. It has a nice subtle scent (I'm going to assume of white jasmine and jojoba, I am diabolical with smells) which lingers but not enough to overpower and perfumes you choose to place on top. However, if you really like the scent you can get steps 1 and 2 in the routine which contain the same scent, layering will make the scent stronger and more long lasting. 

Have you ever tried and goodies from npsa?


  1. Everyone's been raving on about those products. Must try.
    Adela x

    1. for the price I would definitely reccomend trying them! x