Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mini review: The Tangle Teaser

This is a tangle teaser I got sent through a WIMH try. I was very excited when it arrived through my door as there is soooo much hype around this product. I tried it on dry hair and wasn't too impressed, it took ages to get through my (albeit, thick) hair, and made it puff up like I had put my finger in a plug socket. The real magic happens when my hair is wet! my wet hair gets very knotty and also breaks easily, a night mare to try and get a brush through, I had become accustomed to a full brush of hair after my post wash brush. However, not with this! It takes a bit longer to get through my hair than a regular brush, but the breakage is considerably less. It is good for travelling and was a life saver at a recent festival, I do think that a handle or an easier to hold shape may be better but other than that (and the slightly too high price tag) I can't fault it. If you ever find this on offer, and suffer from hair-that-always-breaks-when-wet then I would definitely pick it up!


  1. I really like Tangle Teezers, I have purple one.

    1. I think they are very good, I would choose a glittery one if I could :)