Monday, 22 December 2014

LOOK beauty at Tk Maxx: Glow and Go, Stretch factor, and Cherry Bomb lipstick review.

Whilst having a mooch around to Maxx the other day I saw that they had quite a large selection of Look Beauty products, with all the products around the 1.99 mark. I couldn't resist picking up a gorgeous looking red lipstick, a mascara and a liquid highlighter. I am unsure as to where else you can purchase these products, they used to be a superdrug exclusive but I can't find them on the website, leave a comment if you know! 

As always the highlighter is impossible to capture!  I am unsure of where I stand on Glow and Go and think I need to give it more testing. Unlike the usual pink or gold toned highlighter this product has both colours running through, kind of like a petrol slick looks like on the ground. It definitely adds a glow-y sheen and for the size of the product you really can't go wrong. So far I have only used it like a traditional highlight (along my cheek bones etc). As it is such good value I am going to try mixing it with foundations and primers, something I cant bring myself to do with my high end ones! I would recommend trying it out if you spot it in tk maxx.

Next is the mascara, my lashes are very stubby and I am always looking for mascara that promise length, so the name of this one really jumped out at me. I bought it in Brown/black as I wanted something a bit softer to wear at the  office and for minimal-makeup days. The brush is a spiky plastic one, which I actually really like. This mascara does indeed stretch my lashes and also gives great definition, a perfect everyday mascara which is exactly what I wanted. It is lacking slightly in the volume department, so if I was to wear this on a night out I would layer it with a more volumising formula, getting the best of both products!

Lastly is the lipstick in the shade Cherry Bomb. For me this is the star of the show, with everything from packaging to longevity going far beyond it's 1.99 price tag. The sleek packaging has an embossed lid, giving it a very Burberry-feel, the only downside is the magnetic closure. Whilst providing a satisfying click the closure does not feel very secure, so I wouldn't take this lippie travelling much. The colour is an amazing slightly pink toned red and it dries to a satin finish. It had a good 3 hours wear which would have lasted longer, I think, if I didn't stuff my face with dinner and a drink ( from a bottle too, lipsticks worst enemy!). This colour would be amazing for the festive season, for 1.99 you simply have to try it if you can!