Saturday, 11 January 2014

Rapidbrow Eyebrow enhancing serum review, with pictures!

I have wanted to change my short, paltry eyebrows for a while, I longed for the power brow of the Cara Delevingne era but had no idea how to achieve it. So when I got the chance to tryRapidLash's  RapidBrow eyebrow enhancing serum I was overjoyed. RapidBrow is basically a growth serum that you apply to your brows morning and night for 8 weeks to see results. I have to admit, there were a few slip-ups. Especially towards the end of the trial, when late nights and tiredness got the better of me, and I omitted sweeping this on. However, sat next to my mirror it was fairly easy to remember to use it. I guess I will just let the pictures do the talking and we will see about that Cara Delevingne claim eh?



I think it is safe to say, this stuff definitely works. I know I look a bit caveman-ish but I didn't want to do too much plucking whilst I was trying this product out (kind of defeats the purpose). However, even in their slightly rogue state, they look so lovely and full when they are filled in and defined, the kind of brows I have wanted for ages! If eyebrow growth is something you struggle with then I would definitely recommend giving this product a shot. Cara Delevingne... eat your heart out!


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