Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Birchbox purchases: The Balm NudeTude Palette and BeautyBlender

I have been a loyal subscriber of Birchbox for a while, so much so that I had actually managed to rack up a decent amount of points, which can be used to buy items from their shop. The first thing into my basket was a BeautyBlender, because there was an unfortunate incident where my mum thought mine was rubbish and threw it away (I died a bit inside). Being so darn expensive I could never bring myself to replace it from my own pocket. However, I am glad it is back in my life, as nothing blends my make up so flawlessly into my skin leaving it with such a perfect but natural finish. Next into my basket came TheBalm cosmetics Nude'tude eyshadow palette I remember seeing this raved about on essiebutton and as I own no high end eye shadows I just couldn't help myself! I also received a beautiful black and gold bag from Cynthia Rowley as I spent over a certain amount. I was so excited for my order to arrive and to get playing with the products (sorry for the quality, I have left my memory card + reader at the boyfs so phone it is!)

I won't repeat my love for the Beautyblender, but instead move onto the palette. The packaging feels nice and sturdy, though I will admit that it does irk me the eye shadows are not straight. However, the actual eye shadows themselves are lovely, the pigmentation is awesome and the variety of colours allow for both subtle and dramatic looks. Initially I thought the glitter colours applied a little patchier than the others, but it was actually my primer that was causing this (stay tuned to find out which). Really they all apply lovely and blend out impeccably well. I used the Rimmel exaggerate primer when I used these shadows, but in all honestly I think it is pretty rubbish, so credit to the shadows themselves for lasting all night with hardly any creasing!

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