Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Soap and Glory: 4 quick reviews.

Today's mini Soap and Glory reviews are all focused around eye products, mostly because I picked up there supercat eye liner and Arch de Triumph eyebrow pencil on offer in Boots. I had a few other products knocking around at home so thought I would do a full eye look, and mini reviews!

Arch de triumph: It's always really hard to find a high-street eyebrow pencil that is not too warm toned, but this colour is spot on! The formula of the pencil is lovely as well, not too hard or soft, and the highlighter is nice and creamy so can easily be smudged out with your fingers. This product is definitely my favourite of the bunch, so quick and easy to use!

Supercat eye liner: I have heard a lot of good things about this, so was excited to pick it up. Initially I was very impressed, as the felt tip-like nib makes it very easy to get a neat line and would be perfect for those just starting out. However, I found the formula to not be very black, or as long lasting as other eye liners I have tried.  EDIT: It would seem that this liner needs a few goes for the product to start flowing properly. Once it had, this liner was very black and thus lasted longer also!!

Thick and Fast mascara: This is a very nice everyday mascara, as the name suggests it is thickening as opposed to lengthening, which is not usually what I look for. However, it separates my lashes nicely and gives them a natural fullness, which I like. It does go a little flaky at the end of a long day but nothing disastrous.

Eye shadows: These eye shadows I received in one of their christmas sets, so I do not have the individual names unfortunately. The first shade was used on my lid, the second as a brow highlight on top of the pencil, and the final through my crease. These shadows blend lovely, and aside from the first which transferred as just a shimmer, have a lovely colour pay off. They did crease by the end of the day but I did not use a primer, so that could easily be resolved!


  1. Been debating as to if to get the Supercat eyeliner ... decisions, decisions:) xxx