Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A free Kindle e-book review: 'Sea Sisters'

I love my Kindle, mostly because there are so many free books to read, and more often than not they are really good. 'Sea Sisters' is definitely in my top 3 books that I have read on my Kindle (and I have read a lot!).  It follows a haunting tale of a woman who loses her sister in somewhat tragic circumstances, and her struggle to understand and come to terms with her death. This journey to acceptance takes her to many different countries, following in the footsteps of her sibling, with just her journal as a guide. I got completely caught up in the ride of this book, and even thought to myself 'I don't want to read another book for a while' when I had finished, as I just needed to reflect a bit more. My mum has read this book also and loved it just the same. If you have a kindle I highly recommend you download it, it's free so you have nothing to lose!


  1. Sounds good. Do you have a link for where it's free as I checked on Amazon and it's not free on there. Thanks xxx

    1. Hi Andrea, I am sorry you can't find it for free! unfortunately I am not very tech-y I just went on the book store on my kindle, searched 'free books' like usual and it was there, I will double check later if I can still find it for you :) xxx