Friday, 12 April 2013

B. and MAC review

So I recently had my first foray into MAC (kind of) as from a blog sale I picked up their Cream colour base in Bat Black (which is no longer sold). This is a black cream with small red-ish/magenta flakes which as a green eyed girl I should apparently wear to make my eyes pop. I started to imagine all the cool smokey eye looks I could make with this and subsequently realised I didn't have a nude-y lipstick to pair with it. I had recently suggested to my mum that she try a micellar water to take her make up off at night rather than wipes, and we saw that the newly launched B. range at Superdrug sold this one for 3.99 which seemed like a good place to start. So, as I was picking that up for her I had a casual browse at the other products B. had to offer, my eye was caught by their lipstick in the shade  dolls house it seemed like the perfect colour to pair with my Bat Black smokey eye.
This was during the day so I tried to keep the smokey eye quite subtle.

MAC Cream colour base:
I was actually not as impressed with this as I thought I was going to be. The colour was quite nice and it was a more interesting alternative to plain black. However even with a primer underneath and some black eye shadow on top it still creased really quickly. I don't know if there is some secret that I don't know about in terms of getting it to stay put? the CCB's that MAC now sell are more targeted as highlighters and blush bases which I think would suit the formulation a lot more. This is the first product I have tried from MAC and though I am not really impressed it certainly hasn't put me off trying more, I'm thinking maybe a lipstick next?

B. Intense colour lipstick:
Firstly, I must mention the awesome packaging, instead of being your standard lipstick tube with a lid. This is a tube, and you have to push down on the end of the lipstick to make it then pop out  so that you can then pull it out (like the end of a click-y pen). I can't explain it very well, but it basically means no more top-less lipsticks accidentally rolling about in my make up bag and getting ruined. This is a  creamy, pigmented lipstick which stays quite glossy but eventually dries to quite  a satin like finish. The lasting power is pretty good, I topped up after my Starbuck's, which is standard really. To keep it perfect I would probably top up every few hours as it is lighter than my natural lip and quite a soft, glossy formulation. I will definitely be checking out more of the B. range, especially as it is currently on a introductory price offer.

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