Thursday, 14 November 2013

Enummi skincare review.

Not too long ago I was contacted by the lovely Heather on twitter to see if I was interested in trying out some Enummi skincare samples. The website describes the products as 'featuring powerful glycolic acid and select nature-inspired technologies' which will give you a fresh look, fast. Before I get on to the products I am just going to say a quick word about the samples, they were a nice generous size but I just really did not like the packaging, I found it quite wasteful an fiddly, would have much preferred little bottles or tubes.

I will start by saying that at the end of using these products my skin did look brighter and healthier, with my spots healing quicker. So although I may not of loved some of the products individually they did a lot of good for my skin combined. SO here is a quick little run down of what I received;

Gentle facial cleanser: This cleanser felt nice to use, but did not remove all my make up. Even when I used bioderma before hand, I still found traces on my toner pad. That's a big no no for me, which is a shame as I did find the actual cleanser nice to use. It would perhaps be better suited for people who wear quite light make up, or do a proper double cleanse every evening. 

Refreshing toner: Toner is not normally a step I use, however I used this to ensure that all traces of my make up was gone. It did leave me with a lovely refreshing feeling and I felt like the rest of my skincare could do it's work more effectively.

Life C Energising Serum: This was easily my favourite product of the lot, it had a gorgeous citrus-y scent and the clear gel dried to a super soft, velvet-matte finish. As the name suggests it contains vitamin C which is fab at improving the tone and brightening your skin.

Protective Day Moisturiser: This was a lovely light moisturiser that sank in quickly and had the added bonus of spf 15 (super important)! because it sank in quickly and wasn't too greasy I had no problem applying my make up on top and really enjoyed using this.

Restoring eye cream: This is perhaps the one product I didn't give a fair trial, I recently had a terrible reaction to an eye cream so was very wary of putting something else on. I patted this gingerly around the contour of my eye and immediately felt a bit of an odd sensation. Nothing major, to most people it would probably be considered as 'the product working' however, I was not about to risk another reaction, so missed of this step from then on.

Night recovery cream: When applied before bed this light weight cream sinks in enough so that you are not sticking to your pillow cases, but you can still feel it working it's magic on top of your skin.  I found this lovely and moisturising on my skin. 

So there we go! Although it doesn't sound like I was really raving about anything, aside from the serum, these products really did do lovely stuff for my skin! 

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