Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Top of The Teas

Once upon a time, as I have was having my morning coffee, I thought there is absolutely no way I will ever be converted to tea. That is still true for builders tea, but any kind of fruity, flavourful combinations? Yes please! I find drinking tea is really helping me with my weight loss/diet change too, I will now have a warming cuppa over snacking, I am upping my liquid intake. I also have the added benefits of green tea and metabolism boosting ingredients like ginger, and detoxing ones like lemon! Here is the round up of what I am currently sipping!

I always hear about the benefits of green tea but could never really drink it, until I discovered the Twinings infusions! They still taste green tea-y but with a nice something extra, in this case cranberries (nice and festive!) I love the juicy freshness of this tea, I find it perfect for a midday pick me up or my first morning cuppa, especially now this cold weather is kicking in!

Twinings Green tea with Ginger (link to similar)

For some reason I can't find this particular tea on the website! However this is the same concept as before, but with a spicy kick of ginger, which has metabolism boosting properties may I add! I love this combination to rev me up in the morning, or help me feel less sluggish after stuffing my face!

This is a brand I hadn't heard of before, but Holland and Barretts were having their 1 penny sale so I thought I would give them a go. I love this flavour, it is part of the invigorating range but I actually find I quite calming and soothing. I love drinking this aromatic blend in the evening to help me wind down.

This is a very invigorating, zesty and spicy blend. Like the ginger green tea I use this to wake me up and aid me when feeling sluggish, I definitely recommend picking something up from this brand if any of the flavours catch your eye, especially in the penny sale!

What are your favourite flavoured tea combos to drink?

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