Thursday, 31 October 2013

TK MAXX bargains: Pro Beaute AURA rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner

As I was doing my usual TK MAXX browse I spotted these huuuuuuge  bottles of shampoo and conditioner for only 6.99 each! After a bit of deliberating, and thinking forlornly about my rather rubbish and nearly empty hair offerings at home, I decided to get them. It was a bit of a risk, if I didn't like them then that was nearly the price of a MAC lipstick wasted.
So lets start with the scent, the rosemary and mint scent is very strong, and it lingers in your hair after washing. So if you know that it's not a scent you like then I would stay clear. I however, love the smell, it's nice and fresh and makes me feel like I have given my hair a proper clean. The products have a very cooling feeling on the scalp, I especially noticed it with the conditioner, but again this didn't bother me as I just felt like it was working. Afterwards my hair was so clean, and so soft. I am really happy with this purchase and I know these bottles are going to last me ages, I definitely recommend picking them up if they sound like your kinda thing.

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