Sunday, 20 October 2013

A/W skincare staple

So like a lot of people, my skin does not do well when faced with the cold winter winds, extra warm central heating, and the constant nose blowing that comes hand in hand with the chilly A/W months. Luckily I have found something to combat the drying effects, that was originally bought to try and tackle my ‘tiger stripes’ that cover me like a road map. However, I soon decided that there was just too much ground to cover so decided to try it out on my face, BIO OIL! I haven’t been using for too long but I can already see the benefits in my skin, my flaky bits have gone and it just feels more nourished and looks healthier, glow-ier and all round like nicer skin. I use this like I would any other face oil or serum,  and a lot of the time don’t feel the need to moisturise after.  I can definitely see this becoming my A/W skincare staple! you can grab some bio oil here


  1. Try Rescue Oil instead, it's exactly the same as Bio Oil only it doesn't contain mineral oil, which is really bad for your skin :)

  2. I love Bio Oil, it always works!

    Also, I currently have a MAC lipstick giveaway over on my blog that I'd love for you to check out and enter if you're interested :)

    Sophie xxx

  3. I have been meaning to try bio oil! I have a scar that i'd like to fade. thanks for the review!

    1. I would definitely say give it a go :) you're welcome! checking your blog now x