Thursday, 3 October 2013

TK MAXX bargains: Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Radiant Bronzing Powder.

I am back!! and back with a bang, in the form of this gorgeous illuminating bronzer from Elizabeth Arden. It is available from Debenhams here for £26 but I found mine in TK MAXX for £12.99! The Pure Finish Radiant Bronzing Powder ( will be copying and pasting that lot from now on!) is housed in the most luxurious looking mirrored packaging with simple flowers, a motif echoed on the  the product itself, almost to pretty to use! It also comes with a large mirror inside which is always a bonus. 

My first impressions when I opened the compact was that it seemed very shimmery, though as I swatched I found that most of this is just an over spray. Once past the initial shimmer layer you are left with a lovely subtle bronzer that does still have a hint of shimmer, but not to glitterface standards. I quickly brushed this on my face over my cheeks, forehead and chin to give you an idea of the subtle warmth and highlight it can add, the smattering of light pink also stops it looking to 'muddy' in my opinion. I also swatched it on my arm for a clearer indication of colour. I think this will be perfect for people with a pale complexion like mine, but the intensity can also be built up for if you are darker skinned or used more as a highlight.

This is definitely the most luxurious bronzer I own and I can tell I am going to completely love wearing it to give a bit of life to my face during the minimal-sun months. If you can find this in your local TK MAXX then I definitely recommend you pick it up. 

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