Sunday, 6 October 2013

Kiss Me Coral

Coral may not be the winter-iest colour around, my love affair should have ended when our sunshine did, and the plums and vampy hues should be well in force. However, one day I just couldn't resist the call of the corals, trying to hold on to their summer glory days no doubt! The Revlon Photoready blush in pinched is one I have had for a while, it is definitely more of a summer product as it is quite sheer and natural, but makes a good base for similarly coloured blushes if you wish to build up colour. Which is what I did here when I added Benefit's Coralista, which also serves as a lovely highlight. Kiss Me Coral, a gorgeous orange hue-d lipstick from Revlon was the star of my face, so everything else was kept quite subtle. I love the formula of this lipstick and think the colour really helps bring a freshness to my face, I also love the packaging of these lipsticks, basically everything about them, I really should buy some more! have you got a summer colour that you just can't say goodbye to yet?

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