Monday, 7 October 2013

My step-by-step eyebrow routine.

 So here is my eyebrow routine! the pictures are pretty self explanatory but I will do little written guide as well to explain things a bit;

1. I start off by using a spoolie to brush the hairs of my eyebrow downwards
2. I then take my benefit browzings and, using the wax, I draw in my upper guideline, I do not do anything on the bottom as for me that looks to 'drawn on'
3. using what is left on my brush I run it through the rest of my brows, and then again with the powder out of the browzings. This makes all of the hairs lie back in the right position and adds some definition and colour.
4. I then take some clear mascara and use it to fix my brows, brushing slightly upwards so that you can see that I actually have hairs!
5. I do not always do this step, but if I do highlight I use my rimmel scandaleyes in nude for a more natural lift.
6. I then blend and maybe add some powder to set and add a bit more shimmer.

And there is my finished eyebrows on my made-up face!


  1. Ooh I have benefit's browzings and I never thought of using the wax first ha ha. What a plonker. You have a lovely eyebrows x

    1. I think the powder is meant to set the wax but do whatever works for you! Aw thankyou, I wish they were longer though! x