Thursday, 8 May 2014

What to do with... Avocados!

So health and dieting has been a bit of a theme on my blog lately, so today is no exception as I show you what I have been doing with the awesome superfood, avocados! Not only is avocado extremely good for your insides, boosting your cardiovascular health with its vitamin e and containing mix of potassium, b-vitamins and folic acid to name a few, but it also helps you look great on the outside! (deary me, I sound like that yoghurt advert with Gok Wan!) this is because of their high levels of mono-saturated fat helps to plump and rejuvenate skin. Avocados are pretty high in calories (more than a mars bar!) yet they can still help you lose weight. This is because the good fats in this mean green machine have been proven to be used as energy as opposed to stored as fat, this energy is released slowly so that we feel full and satisfied, rather than reaching for that cheeky packet of crisps or McVities biscuit! There are so many more benefits to this gnarly looking fruit, but now that you know a few let's move on to the important bit, what to do with them!

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This is what they look like when ripe!^^

I am going to mention that I did do a recipe which I did not photograph, it was chicken thighs stuffed with avocado. For this I mashed the avocado with salt, some chilli flakes and lime and stuffed it under the skin of the thighs, backed and served with cous cous!

Avocado and Halloumi open toasted sandwich

This was one of my favourite recipes, probably because I adore halloumi! to start with I mashed an avocado with some lime juice and salt and pepper (this is pretty much my standard additions when doing anything with avocado, you can experiment to find your own!) I then spread this mixture on some toast, topped with some ready made salad and some fried Halloumi cheese, simples! The avocado really adds a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to what would otherwise be quite a dry dish, and really you can change the toppings around to suit what you like!

healthy avocado recipe

Loaded Avocado skins

Loaded potato skins is a staple in my student diet, when you are trying to be healthy though it can all get a bit too carb-y and cheesy. Enter the avocado! by doing the exact same thing, mashing avocado with tuna (and salt, pepper and lime of course!) I sometimes add onions too, before stuffing back into the skins and topping with a bit of cheese, you get a filling and satisfying lunch without the carb-y bloat or guilt!

Eggy avocado on toast
This recipe will not only give you goodness from the avocado but also from the eggs, a real satisfying meal! Much like the first recipe I mashed the avocado with salt, pepper and lime juice  and once again spread on toast. I then made a well in the middle and carefully cracked my egg, I baked until the egg was cooked to my liking, topped with a bit of cheese (I can't help myself) and stuck under the grill until melted.

And so there you have it! that is how I have been eating my avocados lately, what do you think? Would you like more posts like this, with different foods or the same?

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