Saturday, 3 May 2014

Wheatgrass powder review; an easy way to get your vitamins and minerals?

 As you all know, I am currently on a journey to lose some weight. Alongside that though, I also want to be healthier and ensure I am getting everything that I should in my diet. When I had to opportunity to try Geco's Organic Wheatgrass Powder I grabbed it with both hands, it seemed like such an easy way to boost my daily intake of vitamins and minerals. A quick google of wheatgrass benefits bought me to this site, which lists 50 unbelievable reasons to start drinking wheatgrass, from improved digestion to treating skin diseases!

When the sample arrived I thought the paper packaging fitted in really well with organic-ness of the product and there was some interesting information on the back as well as suggested usage, in a smoothie. I happily gathered together some smoothie ingredients ready to tests it out and voila, I broke my smoothie maker! to the point where there was bits of plastic in my drink so I couldn't even taste it. Not to be disheartened though I decided to just mix some in with my squash instead, and you know what, it worked! You could certainly taste it, but it wasn't all that bad. What I tend to do is have what I like to call a 'power cup' in the morning where I will just drink it as quickly as possible and follow with my trusty morning coffee which soon takes the taste away (be careful with the amounts as it can sometimes taste a bit too 'powdery'. I have since attempted a smoothie again and I will say that it's a much nicer way of taking it as you can't taste it at all really. I should probably point out that it does turn whatever you put it in a lovely shade of hulk-green.  I have also found this website which is full of yummy looking food recipes for wheatgrass powder! I cannot wait to try them as it is just another easy way if reaping the benefits. 

whilst doing some research online I came across this NHS website which de-bunks some wheatgrass myths. For example showing that lb for lb its nutrient levels is equivalent to that of veggies such as spinach and broccoli, as opposed to some more radical claims. It also states that the tests done on the benefits of wheatgrass have not been thorough or conclusive enough. The dieticians verdict is that it is not better than other fruit ad veggies in terms of nutrition but does contribute towards your 5 a day. Which is good enough for me because lets face it, I would much rather have a banana and strawberry smoothie which some wheatgrass powder for breakfast as opposed to a bowl of broccoli!

I love that this is just a super simple and easy way to boost your intake of vitamins and minerals, and I always feel better in myself and a lot brighter when I have been taking it, I don't feel sluggish and have more energy. It is so easy to introduce this into your diet so there is no harm in trying. And can I just say, nothing makes you feel healthier than drinking something green.

p.s I have had this powder for a couple of weeks, there may be still be benefits or even problems I have yet to see, so will keep this post updated!!

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