Sunday, 13 July 2014

Book Club: 'What To Do When Someone Dies' by Nicci French.

'Ellie Faulkner's world has been destroyed. Her husband Greg died in a car crash- and he wasn't alone. In the passenger seat was the body of Milena Livingstone- a woman Ellie's never heard of.

But Ellie refuses to leap to the obvious conclusion, despite the whispers and suspicions of those around her. Maybe it's the grief, but Ellie has to find out who this woman was - and must prove Greg wasn't having an affair' 

The moody coloured cover with the gold accent is what first drew me to this book, I do not normally go for crime fiction but in this case, I am glad that I did. I really do not like books that I have to wait to get into, but the very first line in this had me wanting to read more; 'Moments when your life changes: there will always be a before and an after' which drew me into this mysterious tale of grief and mystery. This book kept me guessing and had lots of unexpected twists and turns, it also gives an insight into a grief ridden mind and the strength and importance of friendship during hard times. Adding another, slightly gentler, facet to this crime story.  This book was a good page turner and I would recommend it a light summer holiday read.

Genre: Murder Mystery, Thriller, Crime Fiction.

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  1. I love a good crime fiction book - I will add this to by 'to-read' list!

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