Sunday, 21 July 2013

Don't ignore the clearance shelf...

Normally the clearance section in Superdrug is filled with sorry looking products that have either smashed, lost their tops, are half empty, or all of the above! So I wasn't expecting much when I glanced at it whilst queuing up, until I spotted these beauts at 50p each!

This trio make for the perfect sultry smokey blue eye. They are so pigmented and aside from the black which has a bit more of a gritty feeling they are super soft. I definitely won't ignore the clearance bin from now on!


  1. The clearance bin at my local Superdrug is always filled with broken MUA products, you've grabbed yourself quite the bargain there! That midnight/navy blue is absolutely stunning. Even if they're not on offer, I'm gonna have a look at the GOSH display; it's always something I seem to walk past!

    leigh xx |

    1. I can't resist having a sneaky look whenerv I go in now, not come close to a good a find as these though! I had never paid to much interest in GOSH myself but that will change now x