Friday, 26 July 2013

Topshop lip paint Yeah Right - my HG red lip?

If you read my red lip rundown here then you will know that I already have a lot of products for when I want a scarlet pout. However, none of them were really ticking all my boxes, they were too drying, sticky or just didn't last long enough. That was until the fateful day when I ventured into the world of topshop make up, and snapped up a lip paint in Yeah Right for £3 in the sale, yes £3!

put it on quickly just for this snap so sorry if it looks rushed!

ermagerhd I am seriously in love with this. If I was to liken it to anything I would say Rimmel apocalips as in it is a liquid lipstick kind of formula. However, this stuff is seriously long lasting, it will not come off until you really want it to, and I mean seriously. I found it really easy to apply and a lovely glossy colour that after a few hours was a un-budgeable stain. To put it simply, I went on a very heavy night out with this painted on and it lasted the whole night, I literally only topped it up once or twice and that was for gloss rather than colour, definitely HG status.  I can't find this on the website but I strongly suggest you rush down to your topshop and pick one up, because lets not forget that this tube of awesomeness is just £3!

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