Thursday, 11 July 2013

Mixing lipsticks.

So the main idea of this post is to tell you all about mixing lipsticks. I have always heard make up artists and seasoned make up wearers talk about this, and thought it a little out of my depth. Until a late ebay spree and my obsession with MAC landed me with 2 lipsticks that were just not for me, at all. The shades in question? Viva Glam 2 (does anyone know what symbol the lines are?) and Happy hibiscus. On my wonky lips you can see the viva glam shade at the top which is just too dark and brown toned for my liking, and happy hibiscus on the bottom which is far to white for me. However, when they are mixed they make a lovely pale pinkish nude! whaddya think? and whats more I think that happy hibiscus will be a perfect mixing shade if I ever want to tone down or make any lipstick shade a bit pastel-y. Am I late to the band wagon with lipstick mixing? do you have any favourite shades you like to combine?


  1. Oh my gosh, that is the most amazing lip colour! a perfect pink nude if you ask me! it looks so pretty on your lips, will be trying that out soon :)
    Sam X

    1. thank you! I find it really har dto find nudes that suit me so mixing lippie sis perfect :) x