Sunday, 22 December 2013

DIY Christmas details!

Want to make your present wrapping a bit more personal? your tree decorations truly one of a kind? Then here are just a few tips for some DIY Christmas details, that will truly add a magical touch to the festivities. Share the love and leave your ideas in the comments, I would love some more inspiration!

Recycled card tags

Do the abundance of Christmas cards you receive every year end up getting piled into the recycling bin? Why not save the best ones, then next year you can use  them to make lovely gift tags! Not only will there be a huge array of colours and designs to choose from, you also have complete freedom as to what shape you want the tag to be. Forget the normal square or circle shop-bought tags, why not try your hands at a Christmas tree, or a reindeer! This adds a lovely touch to a present and you do not need to spend a penny. 

DIY Baubles

This one takes a bit of time, but the results can be truly stunning. Get yourself some plain bog-standard baubles, then use ribbons, beads, gems or whatever you can find in the haberdashery store to make them truly unique and special! You could probably even use bits and bobs you have lying around at home, broken jewellery, material from that dress that is now too small, the list is endless. Just let your creativity run wild and get sticking!

Festive drinks

So, your house is going to be filled with every friend, well wisher and far flung relative for the Christmas festivities. It seems doing anything other than filling your trolley tesco's with an array of alcoholic beverages is going to be to much. However, there are 2 festive drinks that are so easy and simple to do, mulled wine and cider! There are so many recipes on the internet for both, the main crux of it is basically adding fruit, spices and sugar and then warming up! It does not take long and can used as a centre piece in a large serving bowl, it looks fantastic with all the fruit slices and cinnamon sticks in.

Natural decorations

Why not make decorations and centre pieces out of what you can find in your garden? One year we sprayed pine cones with gold and silver paint, they looked lovely as a centre piece with other natural items or on the tree. You can spray twigs, holly, leaves, what ever you want. Oranges decorated with cloves also look lovely and have a nice festive scent too!

Christmas makeovers

Being a beauty blog I just had to chuck this one in there! Why don't your nearest and dearest get together for some Christmas makeovers before heading to your celebrations. It is Christmas so you can go wild with a red lip and glitter-galore, maybe challenge yourself by swapping looks with a friend. Everyone can bring their make up bag which also adds so much fun as you discover new wonder products.

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