Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Nail Rock blue glitter

When I opened this months Birchbox I saw this lovely Nail rock blue glitter! I had heard of this before and been very intrigued, but never got around to buying it myself, so it was lovely to see. The colour is a stunning midnight blue, I feel like a red or gold would have been more festive but this is still a gorgeous shade. The formula of the actual nail varnish seemed a little thin, but 2 coats gave a nice opaque finish. I then dipped my ring finger into the glitter provided and, voila! A gorgeous party-season nail look, it's as simple as that! I was terrified that the glitter was just going to fall off, but it held fast. I did seal it in with some topcoat about an hour after putting it on to ensure longevity. I really do absolutely love the look that the glitter gives, and so do all my house mates! I will definitely be checking out some more colours. 

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