Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The brush that does everything!

My new wonder brush is actually part of the day to night set from Eco tools. I don't think the set is readily available in the U.K (I got mine for £12ish from TKMAXX) but it is avalable from Amazon for £17.99. To give just a brief description, the set includes a Pointed Concealer Brush, Detailed Lip/Liner Brush, Stay-there Shadow Brush, Smudge Brush, and the brush I am going to rave about, the Rounded Powder Brush! The brushes are synthetic, have sustainable bamboo handles, and they all come packaged in a super handy travel case. Now, the round powder brush is literally so bloomin' soft! I just want to stroke my face with it forever, and that is probably why I love to use it for all my powder products! Seriously, this baby applies my finishing powder, bronzer/contour, blush and highlighter perfectly and gives such a flawless finish. I would definitely pop down to your local TK MAXX and snap this up if you can, even if it is just for the powder brush. Though I will say that all the brushes are amazing so I think this is amazing value for money. 


  1. Great post , looks like a very useful brush !