Tuesday, 11 February 2014

An over-night hair over-haul!

My hair has really taken a battering over the years, leaving it pretty dry and coarse. Sometimes you just need a bit of extra lovin' thrown into your routine, and I have found a pretty good thing for me. I will just say, these are not cheap what-so-ever. I do think that a similar treatment+oil concoction will work just as well, I don't even rate the Ojon oil, it was just all I had! So I dampened the ends of my hair, worked together a dollop of each products in my hand before slathering on my parched ends. I then plaited my hair and clipped it up, ready to sleep the night away. In the morning I shampooed, conditioned and styled as normal, and woah! My hair felt gorgeously soft and smooth, was so much more manageable and even my house mates commented on how nice it looked that day. Like I said, I don't even particularly rate the Ojon oil on my hair that much, to really budget this method down why not use a deep conditioner and budget hair oil in the same way?

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