Friday, 7 February 2014

Reduced Poppy King for No 7

I know I said that I have my pale-girl contour post coming up, and I do, but I thought I would slip this one in before its too late! When I was in my local boots a spotted a whole load of 17 and No7 make up on the clearance stand. I managed to pick up this gorgeous chubby-type stick, housed in adorable packaging with a handy sharpener, glossy and moisturising with good lasting colour,albeit a tad sticky though. (note: I used it before photographing). Now, I don't know if this is happening everywhere to make room for a new line,  or just my particular branch. So,  If I were you I would nip down to your boots pronto and have a look see. 


  1. Lovely shade, it's always good to go through Boots clearance bits x