Monday, 10 February 2014

Perfect pale-girl contour

Oh contouring, get it right and you can have chiselled cheekbones and impeccable bone structure, but get it wrong and it just looks, well, wrong. Contouring is basically using light and dark to either highlight, or push back certain parts of your face. I have found a little picture demo on google for you;

So one of the most important things when it comes to contouring (other than blending!) is choosing the right colour, you want a no shimmer, completely matte and un-orange colour, the shade will vary depending on your natural skin tone. As a pale girl I find it so difficult to find a natural looking contour that is subtle and non-muddy looking. That is untill I stumbled across this powder foundation in the illamasqua sale for £5, yes you heard correctly (I even got a 50p discount making it 4.50)!

It came with a little powder puff, and was housed in the usual classic packaging

Ooops, fingerprint! (the trouble with Illamasqua, eh!)

Perfect and subtle or build up for a more defined look

This is obviously targeted as a foundation for those with with olive skin, however this makes the perfect natural and subtle contour for us paley-s! There is no warmth what-so-ever which means it mimics a natural shadow shade and is very build-able, so you can go as strong or subtle as you want! This compact will seriously last you ages so even though it has gone up in price now it could still be a worthwhile investment if     you are in the market for a natural contour shade.

And here I am with a  subtle contour, I contoured my nose and my cheek bones in this picture, just ever so slightly as I was only going to uni! I will be sure to pop up a picture when I go for a more defined look!


  1. Great post, you look really pretty x

  2. One of my New Year resolutions is to master contouring, I can't wait for your more defined look!