Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Diet update

So I thought I would do a quick update on my diet/weight-loss journey and also share with you my favourite tip, don't do it alone!

 My total weight-loss is 21.4 lbs, but this is yo-yo-ing quite a bit as I struggle with the snacking and bad food choices that goes hand in hand with 'final months of university' panic! One thing that is keeping me on track is having my house mate on the same journey too, we can share healthy dinners give each other encouragement and also enjoy treats together too, it just makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable! I have also seen a serious increase in my green tea intake, green tea has many health benefits so I have tried to reach for it more often, but it sometime slips my mind. Now, I feel like I am on a double tea schedule, as whenever my friend is making one she will ask if I want one, and vice versa, meaning we both up our intake of the good stuff!

Avocados are also something that I am trying to incorporate into my diet more, I am going to do a post soon on what recipes I have been using. Other than that I have just been trying to make healthy choices and squishing some form of exercise into my day, even if it is just a lap around uni in my study breaks!

I use my fitness pal to track my calories and keep an eye on my progress, it is so satisfying to see the numbers go down! However, I have just recently downloaded DietPoint, it is to soon for me to judge yet but what I do like about it is that it gives you a range of meal plans to choose from and set shopping lists, which is brilliant as I always get so distracted in the supermarket.  The down-side is at the moment it is looking like you have to pay for the full version to really get the benefits, I will see how I go but may just end up using the information available as inspiration!

How are you doing with your journey, I am always available for some support if you tweet me @emmiegeeblog

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  1. Great post! I have used my fitness pal before & it is a great way to keep track of everything & keep it organised!
    Jess x x
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