Monday, 14 April 2014

My colourful jewellery

If you saw my guest post over on you will know that I promised to put up my colourful jewellery collection, well (finally!) it is here!

The elastic bracelets: 
You can pick these up anywhere, some more expensive than others depending on what is actually on the elastic, but these are a fun  and easy to add some colour and dimension to an outfit. I love that because they are elastic and wont flop about up and down my arm either. The red stones are such a gorgeous colour and the blue have an iridescent shine about them which actually harbours so many colours! The green-y turquoise bracelet is one that is most suited to just the warmer months and looks awesome next to a tan.

The statement necklace:

This necklace I actually received as a set complete with some earrings from a twitter give away yonks ago (sorry, I can't remember who!).  This is my ultimate statement necklace for if I am going to an evening dinner or a sophisticated event, I mostly pair it with plain dresses to let the gorgeous colour and detail take centre stage.

The stone necklace:
I picked this beauty up in a charity shop for under a couple of quid! If you are lucky enough to be heading to a festival this year then I think these kind of necklaces have such a relaxed boho vibe about them and work great to add some interest to an outfit. I never realised just the amount of natural detail was in the stone until I looked at this macro photo! I can see this being a favourite over the upcoming months.

The heart stone necklace: 

I can see this being one of my favourite pieces to wear this SS14, just with denim shorts and a white cami, a nice pop of colour that isn't too out there. The stones in the heart are milky amber (I didn't know it existed either) and turquoise and I think they are just to die for. I see this being lovely with any white item of clothing (and a tan if I am luck to get one) and I can't wait to incorporate this into some outfits for the warmer months!

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