Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Good things come in small packages...

The small packages in question? samples of course! most companies are more than happy to give you dinky portions of their products for you take away and trial in your own time, before you commit to the usually very high price tags which they have. I have recently decided that I want to upgrade my skincare, my usual thought process of "I'll just get what ever is on sale" is not really cutting it any more. So, I went into town with Kiehl's and Origins in my sights, both brands I have heard a lot about in terms of their skin care. I came away with a nice selection of samples;

My first stop was Kiehls, the lady on the shop floor was ever so helpful!  She gave me a skin consultation which included having 2 tabs stuck on my face for 10 seconds, they then confirmed what I knew of my skin being the combination type. Along with that and information I told her she proceeded to pick out a skin care routine that she thought would suit my skin. I then got 3 lovely samples; the Ultra facial oil free toner, Acai damage repairing serum and Ultra facial moisturiser. Then I moved on to Origins where yet another awesome sales lady gave me a sample of their Modern friction scrub. I managed to eek out just under a weeks use from the sachets, the modern friction is still going strong as I have only used it twice, and my skin is loving it!! 

Although it is hard to pinpoint a favourite when they are all new and all used everyday I am seriously loving Kiehl's Acai serum, it sinks in so quickly with no greasy residue and leaves such a gorgeous smell. The origins Modern friction scrub is also worming it's way onto my must have list. Rubbed onto dry skin and massaged off with warm water,  It leaves my skin feeling so soft, bright and clear. I use this 1-2 times a week as an exfoliating treatment. Since using these products all together my pores are less visible, my skin is bright, nourished and just looks lush! None of these products come in cheap but I certainly think they will be a worthwhile investment, especially when you only need such a small amount of product. And if I hadn't  used these samples I never would of known what I was missing out on.

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