Monday, 2 September 2013

My trip to Holland and a message to remember.

I was thinking about what to post for my second day of #BlogYourSocksOffSeptember  and decided to tell you all about my recent trip to Holland! Me and my house mate decided to fly over for a few days and stay with a friend she had over there (so we didn't have to pay for accommodation, woo!). It is the first time I had been to Holland so I was super excited, especially to visit the infamous Amsterdam! We stayed in a little place called Breda near Rotterdam. Rotterdam is a place that was entirely bombed during WW2 and was pretty much rebuilt from scratch, it was amazing to walk around the city and think that it was once completely destroyed! Of course we also did the obligatory trip to Amsterdam. My first thought was that so much focus is out on the red light district and coffee shops, that no one mentions just how beautiful the place actually is! Don't get me wrong, walking through a street and openly seeing prostitutes dancing at windows, live sex shows advertised and cafe's purely for smoking weed (one of them had banned normal cigarettes, marijuana only!) was definitely an experience. However, if that is not your scene, then there is plenty more to see and do! There was a madame Tussuads, lots of shops and we even saw a Capoeira street group which was pretty cool. Unfortunately I have misplaced my camera for no w but I will be updating this post with pictures from my trip when I can. 

Soon after we got home my friend showed me this video;

I was pretty shocked, I guess ignorance is bliss and I had deliberately chosen not think about how or why these people became  prostitutes. It's easier to do than you think when prostitution is allowed over there, I assumed that because it is legal it must be closely regulated and done above-board. I don't mean to leave my post on a sad not but I thought it was a strong and thought provoking message that needs to be heard. Here is the Stop the Traffik website.


  1. Wow that was such an interesting video. Thanks for posting this up. I never even considered that it could be the case. A real eye-opener.

    1. An eye opener indeed, it never crossed my mind either! x