Sunday, 15 September 2013

NARS Love Thrill gift set

So my first foray into NARS! I definitely had high hopes after seeing nothing but good things in the blogosphere surrounding this brand. It arrived gorgeously packaged and seemed very high end and chic. I bought this set with a gift voucher from Asos here, would I recommend?

Firstly we have the Super Orgasm (ooh-er) blush (I am wearing it on the main picture on the right). This is a gorgeous pinky-coral-y offering with gold flecks. At first I thought the glitter looked scarily large, but when applied it just transfers as a lovely sheen, negating the need for a highlighter. You really only need the smallest amount of this blush (like my illamasqua one) and it gives a lovely flush to the cheeks, I think it would be perfect for summer.  Next we have a velvet matte lip pencil in Sex Machine (are we seeing the 'love thrill' theme yet? wearing on top right picture). The texture of this pen is just to die for, it really is velvety soft! The pinky-mauve colour is very close to my natural lips and with it's lovely matte finish is going to be my go to natural lip from now on. I have saved my least favourite till last, the lipstick in Sexual Healing. The formula of this I thought was lovely, it felt incredibly moisturising and had a slightly harder texture than other lipsticks.  This made it really easy to get a precise line and not smoosh it everywhere,  yet there was zero tugging (I am not explaining myself very well, am I) it was like a lip-balm texture. However, for me personally, this was definitely not my colour, I found it to look quite outdated on me (main picture on the right) with the heavily pearly/frosted finish. However when applied on top of the matte lip pencil (bottom right)  I liked the different finish it gave and so all is not lost.  

Overall I would definitely recommend this set, even with the lipstick not being a big hit for me, the blush and pencil make it worth your money, especially when just those products at their RRP are more than the whole set currently is!

Are there any other NARS products you would recommend?


  1. This set looks lovely! Loving the names ha ha. I've never tried anything from NARS. x

    1. they are a lovely brand to try if you ever get the chance! haha the names make me giggle :P x